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Teen Boxing Program

(8-17 years of age)

How do I start?

All teens begin with the Teen/All boxing class on Saturday’s from 11am - noon (If the teen has not boxed before). No pre-registration is required; however you must show up 30 minutes prior to class time with an adult to fill out paperwork. The basics of boxing are taught: fighting stance, jab, cross, hook. There is a charge for this class. Please refer to the Teen Program on our Membership page for pricing.

Why Should I consider boxing?

We have seen children, students, and teens grow in self-confidence and ability to focus. Many teens like boxing as a way to cross train with other sports. It is a great way to help fight the battle against obesity. Also, you do not need to compete to join the Teen Program.

What happens after my first class?

The teen must complete at least 4 Saturday classes and get a trainer’s approval in order to participate in the Tuesday and Thursday Teen Class that runs from 7pm-8pm.

I do not want to compete.

You do not have to. You can learn the skill and technique of the sport. Sparring and competition are available for the individuals that are interested.

What about membership?

Please refer to the Teen Program on our membership page for more information.

Teen boxer getting hands wrapped