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All trainers listed are independent contractors.  A membership to Uppercut Gym is required in order to train with this trainer.


Alfonso Vazquez

A boxer and trainer with 20+ years of experience, Alfonso started boxing at the age of 17 and has built a winning record as an amateur, including two Upper Midwest Golden Gloves championships (2004 & 2007). Alfonso now competes in the master’s division of amateur boxing. He participated in the 2010 Ringside World Tournament and 2011 Gleason’s Gym Master tournament  (Brooklyn NY), winning the 165lbs championship. Alfonso also serves as a sparring partner for pro fighters such as Anthony “The Bullet” Bonsante (now retired), Matt Vanda, Caleb Truax, and Andy Kolle. 

In addition to a boxing coach, Alfonso also is a personal trainer who provides core strength and conditioning training with a mix of boxing/fighting skills. Alfonso has experience working with all levels of individuals in a single or group environment, ranging from recreational beginners to professional athletes (NHL, NFL, and NBA).

If you are looking to book a session, please contact Alfonso:

Call/text:  651-503-4013          Email: alfonso@uppercutgym.com

Sarah Mickelson

Sarah has been boxing at Uppercut Gym since 1997.  She has competed and coached in various amateur boxing tournaments including MN Golden Gloves, National Women’s Golden Gloves, Regional and National USABoxing, Ringside, and PAL.  Sarah is versed in all aspects of boxing and draws from her experience as a boxer, official and coach.  Sarah is currently a registered USA Boxing Association, teaches classes and provides personal training at Uppercut Gym.  You can reach Sarah at sarah@uppercutgym.com

Seko Tongola

Seko Tongola is a professional trainer who as had the pleasure of teaching with Lisa since she opened Uppercut Gym in 1996. Originally from Tanzania, Seko has over 30 years of experience as a personal trainer. He has studied many different forms of Martial Arts, including Karate, Judo, wresting/grappling, boxing, gymnastics and specializes in Jeet Kune Do. In addition to working with many amateur boxers, Seko is currently training two of Minnesota’s top professional fighters, Mohammed Kayongo and Corey Rodriquez. He has a passion for helping people at all levels become fit, confident, and secure, and offers a wide variety of training. Because his teaching philosophies are based on individualized instruction methods, each member is ensured a fitness routine that is unique and tailored to his or her personal goals. Uppercut is like a second home to Seko and he is dedicated to making your experience at Uppercut a positive and lasting one. Commit to yourself, don’t commit to me; I’m already committed to you. 
Contact Seko:  

Call/text: 612-387-6839      Email: sekokick@yahoo.com



Alex Freese

Alex believes exercise should be challenging, focused and fun - he has been striving to deliver this to his clients for the past ten years. Alex is an experienced certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE) working with a wide variety of populations through many fitness domains. He received a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota, former USA boxing competitor, certified EMT/career firefighter and chief organizer of the annual Unite and Fight. Alex separates himself from other trainers through his implantation of creative and unique exercise routines that strengthen your mind and body towards your individual goals. Alex enjoys all aspects of fitness and is eager to spread that passion to others.

Call/text: 612.715.6413  
Email: free0247@umn.edu 
Website: www.alexfreesetrainer.tumblr.com 

Kimberly Heikkila

Kim has been boxing at Uppercut Gym for eight years and still loves it! Kim joined Uppercut Gym in 2005 and began teaching classes in 2010. She is a USA Boxing registered amateur boxer and coach and teaches a variety of classes at Uppercut. Kim’s goal is to give the members a good workout while teaching boxing skills and strategies. Outside of the gym, Kim enjoys biking, running, writing, and teaching history at a local university. You can contact Kim at:        

Email: heik0012@umn.edu 

James Okoth

James was a competitive boxer from 2006-2008 with a record of 8 wins and 3 losses. He has worked as a personal trainer since 2004. His clients vary in age and level of fitness, including at-risk children, teens, and adults. For James, seeing clients improve and gain self confidence is the most rewarding part of being a trainer. When he is not at work, James is interested in running, music, and brewing craft beer.
Contact James at:   

Call/text: 612-227-8423     Email: coachjaymoh@gmail.com 


Ray Nelson Jr.

Ray grew up on a boxing family, his dad Ray Sr. was a Golden Glove Champion and went on to fight pro in New York. His Uncle Donny Nelson was a professional cutman for a number of pro fighters on the east coast.  Ray Jr. has 20+ years in and around boxing and know his craft in boxing.

Ray Jr. is continuing his father legacy at Uppercut training from beginners to pro’s.  Please email or text for pricing.  


Vanessa Vogl

Vanessa grew up figure skating and swimming, but she fell in love with boxing from the moment she first hit the bag at Uppercut Gym in December 2011. She is now registered as a USA amateur boxer and coach. She began competing and teaching classes at Uppercut in summer 2015, and most recently had an awesome experience competing at the 2016 Ringside World Championship tournament. Vanessa constantly marvels at the impact that boxing has on her physical strength, mental focus, and self-confidence. She hopes that as a teacher at Uppercut, in addition to developing boxing technique, she can inspire gym members to push themselves to work their hardest and have fun doing it!